Project: Mrs. Aparna Kamble, Thane West Kolshet Road, Mumbai

Mrs. Aparna Kamble, Thane West Kolshet Road, Mumbai

Client : Mrs. Aparna Kamble

Working Area

Thane West Kolshet Road, Mumbai


20 Days Designing


2.5 Months for Execution

Material Used

Back Painted Glass, Mirrors, Quartz, Wall Papers, Hafele Hettich BLUM Hardware.

About Apartment

Lodha Amara stands as an esteemed development situated in Thane West Kolshet Road, Mumbai. Renowned for its efficient space utilization and abundant greenery, the project offers meticulously designed 1 and 2-bedroom residences within a sprawling 40-acre expanse adorned with over a hundred trees, providing residents with a myriad of experiences. The interiors are impeccably crafted to enhance privacy. This dwelling encompasses a range of modern amenities, including a gym, swimming pools, theaters, and tree houses, catering to the diverse needs of contemporary living. The project garnered significant acclaim due to its strategic connectivity and towering structure that affords breathtaking views of the lush surroundings along Ghodbunder Road in Thane.

Interior Project

In 2019, Mrs. Kamble reached out to us through a mutual friend who had previously engaged our services for a complete interior design project in a flat at the Sukur complex on Thane Ghodbunder Road. Mrs. Kamble was actively seeking an interior design company in the Thane area, particularly one with experience in projects around Ghodbunder Road. Having spent almost 8-9 years stationed in the UK, the Kambles had a vision for their dream home and specifically desired a Nordic or Scandinavian interior design style. This style is characterized by its emphasis on minimalism, simplicity, and functionality, rooted in modernization principles that prioritize clean lines and practical design. Natural materials such as leather, wood, and hemp are commonly incorporated into Scandinavian design. The project encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the entire apartment, covering the living area, dining space, kitchen, two bedrooms, safety door, sofa, and other furnishings. Given the compact nature of Mumbai apartments, accommodating all their requirements within the confines of 1000 sq. ft presented a challenging task. Simultaneously, there was a need to create the illusion of more space, which led us to strategically use large mirrors in key areas with limited space.

The kitchen underwent a complete renovation, with the client's preference for white quartz aligning with the chosen theme. Wallpapers adorned all the walls, while a simple plain false ceiling in gypsum facilitated even distribution of lights throughout the rooms. Cove lighting, particularly near curtains, was employed for added ambiance. Full-height curtains were chosen for the living space to create the illusion of height. In the kitchen, we recommended Italian imported lacquered surfaces with a glossy finish, and for the kitchen drawers, the client opted for BLUM tandem box systems. All kitchen shutters were handle-less, featuring a 45-degree angle cut. A back-painted toughened glass backsplash was selected for its clean and glossy appearance. Automation was integrated into the living room, with features such as fan control, TV operation, and false ceiling lights linked to Alexa for added convenience.

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